2019-2020 Officers and Members


Lauren Gibson

Lauren Gibson (PGY3) Family Medicine

Abigail Richison

Abigail Richison (PGY3) Psychiatry

Nikhil Kamath

Vice Chair
Nikhil Kamath (PGY2) Anesthesiology

Renee Tolly

Renee Tolly (PGY3) Anesthesiology

Ann Mercier

Ann Mercier (PGY2) OB/GYN

Barrett Burger

Social Co-Chair
Barrett Burger (PGY2) Med/Peds

Michael Wendel

Social Co-Chair
Michael Wendel (PGY3) OB/GYN

Annsley Garner

Special Projects Chair
Annsley Garner (PGY1) Asnesthesiology

Erin Bider

Special Projects Vice Chair
Erin Bider (PGY3) Psychiatry

Jose Lopez Castellanos

Wellness Chair
Jose Lopez Castellanos (PGY2) Neurology

Goli Shenasan

Wellness Vice Chair
Goli Shenasan (PGY1) Psychiatry

Sunilkumar Kakadia

IT Chair
Sunilkumar Kakadia (PGY4) Hem/Onc


Nikhil Kamath, Anesthesiology, PGY 2
Annsley Garner, Anesthesiology, PGY 1
Renee Tolly, Anesthesiology, PGY 3
Aakash Shah, Cardiology, PGY 5
Musa Yilanli, Child and Adol Psych, PGY 4
Ezgi Saylam, Child Neurology, PGY 2
Alexander Dozier, Dental, PGY 1
Tara Oetken, Dermatology, PGY 4
David Fischman, EM, PGY 3
Joe Brown, EM, PGY 1
Anne Watson, EM, PGY 2
Erin Willard, EM, PGY 3
Lauren Gibson, Family Med, PGY 3
Alexa Martin, Family Med, PGY 2
Sunikumar (Sunil) Kakadia, Hem Onc, PGY 4
Naveen Yarlagadda, Hem Onc, PGY 4
Michael Cross, IM, PGY 3
Charles Lavender, IM, PGY 2
Heath Mitchell, IM, PGY 1
Brooke Peeples, IM, PGY 3
Jordan Powers, IM_NWA, PGY 2
Aysam Mahmoud, IM_NWA, PGY 1
Barrett Burger, Med/Peds, PGY 2
Morgan Moore, Med/Peds, PGY 4
Jose Lopez Castellanos, Neurology, PGY 2
Lindsay Malatesta, Neurology, PGY 4
Michael Wendel, OB/GYN, PGY 3
Ann Marie Mercier, OB/GYN, PGY 2
Joseph Fong, Ophthalmology, PGY 3

Wesley Mayes, Ortho Surg, PGY 5
Keith Nord, Ortho Surg, PGY 4
Erin Creighton, Otolaryngology, PGY 2
Donald Vickers, Otolaryngology, PGY 3
Lawson Smith, Pain Medicine, PGY 5
Kellen Dawson, Pathology, PGY 2
Miki Lindsey, Pathology, PGY 1
Preston Pugh, Pediatrics, PGY 3
Jeff Chacko, Pediatrics, PGY 3
Ashton Walters, Pediatrics, PGY 3
Allie Kotler, Pediatrics, PGY 3
Krystle McCarson, Pediatrics, PGY 2
Claire Foster, Pediatrics, PGY 2
Michael Grassi, Pediatrics, PGY 1
Ryan Waddell, Pediatrics, PGY 1
Matthew Green, Peds Anesthesiology, PGY 5
Lauren Appell, Peds Hem Onc, PGY 5
Tory Hunton, PM&R, PGY 4
Marie Hewett, PM&R, PGY 2
Lucas Bider, PM&R, PGY 3
Goli Shenasan, Psychiatry, PGY 1
Kiley Jones, Psychiatry, PGY 2
Abigail Richison, Psychiatry, PGY 3
Mausam Patel, Rad Onc, PGY 3
Thu Ha Nguyen, Surgery, PGY 4
Joseph Savarese, Surgery, PGY 4
Zia Siddiqui, Transitional Year, PGY 1
Julia Davis, Transitional Year, PGY 1
Ben Schurhamer, Urology, PGY 4