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Table of contents:

Benefits for Housestaff

GME Leave Benefits

Additional Benefits

Professional Requirements

Resident Support Services

Work Environment

GMEC Policies

Sample Contract

Benefits for Housestaff

Download the Benefits for Housestaff .pdf for information about:

  • Medical (Classic, Health Savings Plan, and Premier)
  • Dental
  • Vision (Basic and Enhanced)
  • Life Insurance (Basic, Optional, and Dependent)
  • AD&D
  • Long Term Disability (Paid by UAMS and Voluntary Optional LTD)

UAMS HR Benefit Summaries Website

Additional UAMS Benefits for Faculty, FGP Members, Staff, and Residents YouTube Video

2020-2021 Stipends

PGY 1: $53,615

PGY 2: $54,365

PGY 3: $56,158

PGY 4: $57,799

PGY 5: $60,216

PGY 6: $62,840

PGY 7: $64,330

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GME Leave Benefits


Residents receive 21 days (only 15 weekdays i.e. M-F may be taken) of paid vacation each year. This cannot be “carried over” from one year to the next. Each program will inform its residents/fellows of the specialty Board regulation on leave used vs. Board eligibility.

Sick Leave

Residents have 12 days of sick leave for medical reasons during each year of training. Each program will inform its residents/fellows of the specialty Board regulation on leave used vs. Board eligibility. The sick leave cannot be “carried over”. Sick leave in excess of 12 days requires special review by the Associate Dean and Program Director.

Professional & Educational Leave

Programs will define and allocate professional and educational leave up to a maximum of 5 days per year, in addition to sick and vacation time. Professional and educational leave may not be carried over from one year to the next.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

After a year of employment, residents and fellows are eligible for FMLA.  Please see your program coordinator for details.


Resident physicians are not granted holidays or compensatory time off for holidays worked.  However, if a holiday occurs during a rotation, it will be at the discretion of the Program Director and attending physician as to whether the resident will or will not report to duty on this day.

Leave of Absence

Unpaid absence from the educational activities of the residency program when no sick or vacation leave exists to cover the absence and it is leave other than FMLA-qualified leave.


Sick leave may be granted to employees due to the death or serious illness of a member of the employee’s immediate family. Immediate family is defined as the father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, child, grandparent, grandchild, in-laws or any other person acting as a parent or guardian of an employee. The department head may grant sick leave for death or family illness in an amount which is reasonable for the circumstances.

Civil Leave (Jury Duty)

Please see your program coordinator for details.

Military Leave

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act does not apply to residents enrolled in the GME program. Residents who are members of the National Guard or any of the Uniformed Services of the United States may be called to duty in such uniformed service. The resident shall notify the Program Director in writing upon learning that he/she has been called to duty in a uniformed service. Prior to leaving the program for active duty, the resident and Program Director shall discuss the tentative plans for the resident’s return to the program including the level of re-entry. Within the abilities of the program to accommodate the resident’s re-entry in the program, the duration of absence from the program and the resident’s activities during the absence, the program will make every effort to ensure that the resident re-enters the program at the level commensurate with his/her abilities.

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Additional Benefits

Workers’ Compensation

ALL employees on UAMS payroll are entitled to apply for workers’ compensation. If you have an on-the-job injury, you may be eligible for benefits, including medical care and income replacement, under workers’ compensation. How to apply for Workers’ Compensation.


Residents receive 20% discount with ID at UAMS dining facilities.


Paid resident parking is available on UAMS campus and at partner sites such as Arkansas Children’s, VA, and Baptist

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, through the Medical College Physician’s Group, provides each resident with medical professional liability coverage for their activities within the residency/fellowship program. The coverage is written on a claims-made basis. Each resident/fellow is provided coverage in the amount of $500,000 per medical incident with an annual aggregate of $1,500,000. In addition to the limits of liability, the cost of legal defense is also provided. Hence, each resident/fellow is protected against claims for medical negligence for acts and/or omissions surfacing as a result of their UAMS COM approved activities. The coverage provided does not extend to activities outside the residency program. For this reason, any resident involved in moonlighting activities should secure his/her own professional liability coverage for the outside activities. To get more information view the Risk Management and Prevention Guide or contact the Insurance/Claims Management Division of the Office of General Counsel at 614-2077.

UAMS Fitness Center

Residents have access to UAMS Fitness Center for $15 a month.

Merchant Discounts

There is a list of merchants who offer discounts to employees, students, and alumni of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences when your UAMS ID badge is presented. This list is subject to change at any time without notice, and may not include all merchants who offer discounts to UAMS employees. We suggest you ask businesses if they offer educational, healthcare or state government discounts before making a purchase.

UARK Federal Credit Union

UARK offers a wide variety of loans at very competitive rates.  Some of our low-cost or no-cost convenience services include checking, home banking, payroll deduction, credit and check cards, online loans, and much, much more.  The more you use our services, the more you benefit! UARK is conveniently located at UAMS on the ground floor of the Central Building!

UAMS Library

The UAMS Library offers a number of online services for house staff. Residents can schedule consultations and classes or Request a Library Search. Librarians are available to assist in finding information for patient care or research and assisting with bibliographic software, database searching, resource use, and basic data management. Access to over 100 digital resources can be found on the A-Z Database page.  The UAMS Library also has over 50 computers available for use and provides various study areas.  Food and drinks are allowed throughout the Library, and vending machines are located in a small lounge located on the 1st level. After the Library is closed, residents still have access to  the 1st floor. To access the after hours area, enter through the North Lobby of the ED II Building and use a valid UAMS ID badge in the card swipe. The area is monitored by security cameras and panic alarms are placed throughout the study rooms to be used to notify the UAMS Police in an emergency.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is housed on the 3rd floor of the UAMS Library. Services include but are not limited to writing support, presentation support, laptop lending, and tech support for laptops and mobile devices. For more information please visit their website.

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Professional Requirements


Licensure is distinct from both accreditation and certification and is the process of government through which an individual physician is given permission to practice medicine within a particular licensing jurisdiction. Medical licenses are granted by the Arkansas State Medical Board (ASMB) in each licensing jurisdiction. Individuals in training programs in the State of Arkansas are not required to have a license while rendering services within the training program.

Medicare Enrollment

Most physicians and non-physician practitioners enroll in the Medicare program to be reimbursed for the covered services they furnish to Medicare beneficiaries. However, with the implementation of Section 6405 of the Affordable Care Act, CMS requires certain physicians and non-physician practitioners to register in the Medicare program for the sole purpose of ordering or referring items or services for Medicare beneficiaries. These physicians and non-physician practitioners do not and will not send claims to a Medicare Administrative Contractor for the services they furnish. Licensed and Non-licensed Interns, Residents and Fellows in an approved medical residency program are among those who may register in Medicare solely for the purpose of ordering and referring.  Once registered, you will be placed on the Medicare Ordering and Referring Registry and will be deemed eligible to order and refer patients to Medicare enrolled providers and suppliers.  Residents and fellows will complete the Medicare Enrollment form when entering their training program

DEA Registration

You cannot obtain a DEA number unless you have a license.  Because residents and fellows in the State of Arkansas are not required to have a license while rendering services within a training program, most will not have a DEA number.  UAMS Residents and fellows will use the hospitals’ DEA number and add their unique identifier as a suffix.  Each hospital, University Hospital (UH), Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH), and the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (CAVHS), will have their own DEA number to be used exclusively for patients at each institution and their associated clinics.  Visit the DEA Website to learn more.

Employment of Foreign Nationals

UAMS may employ any immigrant or non-immigrant, provided that such employment conforms to the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended, the regulations of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and to those standards established by UAMS.  Any decision reached by the University will not be affected by the race, color, age, religion, sex, disability, national origin or veteran status of the prospective employee.  See UAMS Administrative Policy 4.5.25 for more details.

The Office of Immigration Services (OIS) provides assistance, resources and advice on a variety of immigration-related employment topics. The OIS also provides an International Medical Orientation Handbook, Destination: Arkansas – Foreign National Orientation Booklet, which contains useful information about the US and Arkansas culture. For more information, please visit the OIS Website.  For general questions regarding immigration, email OIS at

NPI Numbers

In order for UAMS to be in compliance with the HIPAA NPI Final Rule, each billable UAMS health care provider must have a NPI and UAMS must use this NPI in all appropriate HIPAA-standard electronic transactions after the HIPAA deadline. For UAMS, it is crucial that “billable” practitioners obtain their NPI. Your NPI will be a 10-digit unique number that will be used on electronic third-party health care claims to identify you as the provider of medical services. Your NPI will be your single unique identifier across ALL health plans throughout the United States, thus eliminating the current use of different numbering systems. Your NPI travels with you and will be valid for your work at UAMS or any other health care system.

You must maintain your NPI profile on the NPPES website. If you have changes such as primary work address, phone number, new medical license, please log into the NPPES website and change your information period.

Annual Records and Requirements to Continue in a Training Program

Prior to the beginning of each academic year, a resident must complete the Physician Health Questionnaire; the Attestation about policies and procedures; the annual Agreement of Appointment and return these to the coordinator of the resident’s program by the designated date. Residents/fellows who return the forms will be eligible to receive the increase in stipend for the next PGY level.

UAMS Drug-free Awareness Statement & Practitioner Health Questionnaire

At the beginning of the program, all residents/fellows receive the UAMS Drug-free Awareness Statement and acknowledge receipt by signing the receipt form and returning it to the Director of Housestaff Records. All residents/fellows must complete the Practitioner Health Questionnaire and return it to the Associate Dean for GME. This questionnaire is updated yearly at the time of contract renewal. Questionnaires are confidential. Questionnaires with concerns are reviewed by the UAMS or ACH Medical Staff Health Committees, which recommend a plan of action/follow-up for the resident/fellow and reviews this with the respective program director and departmental chairperson.

Use of Records for Educational Research

Many UAMS COM faculty members and staff are engaged in on-going efforts to monitor and improve the undergraduate and graduate medical school curriculum. In addition, our accrediting agencies expect us to assess ourselves on an on-going basis and participate in the community of scholars sharing what has been learned. The public dissemination of knowledge is one of the responsibilities of our profession. To this end, such things as test scores, faculty and preceptor ratings, clinical skills and other performance-based assessments, and follow-up surveys and evaluations will be analyzed to address such questions. If the information is released publicly, it is only released in an aggregated form to maintain confidentiality. Individual students and residents/fellows are not identified. Personally identifiable information is kept confidential, and the privacy of students and residents/fellows is protected to the maximum extent allowed by law. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education.

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Resident Support Services

Arkansas Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP provides professional counseling and/or referral to community resources for a wide range of problems and situations including stress management, financial concerns, alcohol and other drug abuse, elder care, job/career issues, parenting, legal issues, marital/family problems and personal/emotional concerns. UAMS has pre-paid the entire cost of the EAP so that the resident/fellow is not charged for services provided within the EAP. To contact EAP, call 686-2588.

Housestaff Mental Health Service (HMHS)

Provided by the UAMS College of Medicine for residents, the HMHS assures timely access to a complete mental health program including diagnostic evaluation; medication management; counseling; and preventative programs.  Services may be accessed by calling 686-8408.  This is the UAMS  Student Wellness Program (SWP) contact number.   Please identify yourself as a resident/fellow to the receptionist, and she will schedule an appointment with the psychiatrist who is covering housestaff. Visit the Resident Wellness website to learn more!

Employee Health/Student Preventive Health Services (EH/SPHS)

The EH/SPHS provides the MMR vaccine, an annual TB skin test, an annual flu shot, and chemoprophylaxis medication if indicated following blood or body fluid exposures for residents. All residents must have a TB skin test and flu shot annually while in the program.

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Work Environment

Call Rooms

Call rooms are provided for residents/fellows who stay overnight. The location and access to the call rooms will be supplied at the beginning of each rotation at each institution. No other living quarters are provided.

ID Badges

UAMS will furnish required ID badges at orientation. Additional badges may be required for rotations at partner sites such as Arkansas Children’s, VA and Baptist.  Fees are charged for replacement ID badges.

Official Means of Communication

E-mail is the official means for transmission of information between the College of Medicine Dean’s Office/Director of Housestaff Records and all residents. E-mail information and instructions are regarded the same as any written hard copy and will often be the only form in which this information is delivered. University policy states that residents/fellows should not have an expectation of privacy on workplace computers and UAMS e-mail address.
All residents have an electronic mail box in the UAMS e-mail system and are members of the COMHS Group distribution list maintained by the Director of Housestaff Records. Each resident/fellow is responsible for regular (e.g. weekly) checks of his/her e-mail.

Sexual Harassment and Anti-Discrimination

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is committed to providing an academic and employment environment that fosters excellence.  Harassment of any kind, racism and discrimination subvert this mission and will not be tolerated.  All students, residents/fellows, physicians and other staff and employees shall abide by the Title IX policy.

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