GMEC Subcommittees

Some voting members of the GMEC chair the advisory groups who provide support for GME related functions. Any GMEC responsibility that an advisory group acts upon is first reviewed and approved by the GMEC. Advisory groups are:

Finance Subcommittee: Develops GME budget for next fiscal year, monitors disbursement of GME funds, reviews extramural rotation requests, transfers and approves filling of positions outside of the Match.  Meets monthly.  Membership consists of: Associate Dean for GME, Assistant Dean for House Staff Affairs, representatives from ACH, UAMS Medical Center and CAVHS who have the authority to commit resources, the current chair of the GMEC, the Director of GME, and the Chair of the Resident Council.  The subcommittee will recommend stipends and administrative budget to the RPAC. Chair: Dr. Eugene Smith

Duty Hours: Oversee duty hour monitoring for the Sponsoring Institution. Chair: Dr. Donald Crabtree

Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER): Determine and carry out logistical preparations for the CLER visit.  Prepare the response to the CLER report, define and carry out appropriate actions resultant from deficiencies identified in the CLER report. Chair: Dr. Jennifer Laudadio

Resident Council: Composed of peer-elected residents/fellows solicited from each program annually.  The Council provides a forum for resident/fellow discussion and input into all matters pertaining to GMEC activities.  The Council works to assure effective communication among residents/fellows and provides a step in the process for addressing concerns in a confidential manner. Members of the Resident Council may also serve on one of the other GMEC advisory groups.   Non-peer-elected residents may be appointed to represent special groups (AAMC-ORR, AMA Resident Section).  Residents who serve on the Resident Council may serve on an additional advisory group if they so choose. 2018-19 Resident Council Co-Chairs:  Dr. Ari Filip and Dr. Quinn Dunlap