The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) is a standing committee in the College of Medicine. The GMEC in collaboration with the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) forms an administrative system that has the authority and responsibility for the oversight and administration of each of the Sponsoring Institution’s ACGME-accredited programs, as well as for ensuring compliance with the Institutional Requirements and Specialty/Subspecialty-specific Program Requirements.


The GMEC has the following responsibilities, which are based on the ACGME Institutional Requirements:

Oversight of:

  • The accreditation status of the Sponsoring Institution (SI) and each accredited program;
  • The quality of the learning and working environment within the SI, each program and at participating sites;
  • The quality of educational experiences that lead to outcomes identified in requirements;
  • Annual Program Evaluation and Improvement activities;
  • Reductions and closures of programs, sites or the SI;
  • Oversight of the SI Annual Institutional Review
  • Underperforming programs.

Review and approve:

  • Institutional GME policies and procedures
  • Annual recommendations to the SI regarding stipends and benefits
  • Applications for accreditation of new programs
  • Requests for permanent changes in complement
  • Major changes in programs’ structure or duration
  • Additions and deletions of participating sites
  • Appointment of new program directors
  • Progress reports requested by a Review Committee
  • Responses to Clinical learning Environment Review reports
  • Requests for exceptions to duty hour requirements
  • Voluntary withdrawal of program accreditation
  • Requests for appeal of an adverse action by a Review Committee
  • Appeal presentations to an ACGME Appeals Panel.