The Residency Educator Awards are awarded annually to one UAMS COM Program Director and one UAMS COM Program Coordinator that demonstrate significant contributions to the graduate medical education community.

2020 Recipients

Erica Peterson, MD

picture of Dr. Petersen
Erica Peterson, MD, is this year’s recipient of the Residency Educator Award for Program Directors. Dr. Peterson has served as the Program Director for Neurosurgery since 2015. As noted in her letters of recommendation, Dr. Peterson “is an avid listener and always takes resident concerns to heart, fervidly working to fix them. She manages to do all of this while still providing excellent care to her patients in her very busy practice, travelling, being a mentor to other residents and fellows interested in neurosurgery, a leader in innovation within her field, being the principal investigator in 4 clinical trials and still carving out time to be an excellent mother and wife to her family.” Congratulations Dr. Peterson and thank you for your excellent leadership of the neurosurgery residency program!

Emily Stots

Picture of Emily StottsEmily Stotts is this year’s recipient of the Residency Educator Award for Program Coordinators. Emily has served as a program coordinator for the UAMS COM Pediatric Residency Program since 2009. As her letters of recommendation noted, Emily “is deserving of this award not only because she is an excellent coordinator, but also because she goes beyond the usual expectations of her job through innovations in our program, by being an active member in the academic communication and by taking her skills beyond the walls of our institution and into the community”. Additionally, residents ”have stated that Emily is a big reason that they ended up coming to Arkansas, as she has an innate ability to make people feel at home and welcome”. Please join us in congratulating Emily on this award and thank her for her contributions to our GME community!