Program Director changes must be initiated by individual residency and fellowship programs and provide the necessary information to verify that the program director change meets Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requirements. Program Director changes must also be approved by the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC). The GME office will provide administrative support to update Program Director changes in internal and external GME systems.

Change Program Director Procedure:

  1. As soon as a program is aware that a change in Program Director will be made, the program should submit the Change Program Director form below.
  2. Once submitted, the GME office will review the request and verify that the new Program Director’s credentials meet the requirements for the program set forth by the ACGME.
  3. Once the incoming Program Director’s credentials are verified, a member of the GME office will contact the Program Coordinator and Program Director to schedule a meeting with the new Program Director, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education, and any other member of the GME office that is needed.
  4. After this meeting, a GME staffer will submit the request and the incoming Program Director’s credentials to the GMEC for review and approval.

Change Program Director Form

  • Current Program Director's Name * Required
  • Current Program Coordinator's Name * Required
  • Program Director Candidate's Name * Required
  • What is the PD candidates proposed term of appointment as PD? * Required
  • Drop files here or