In order to begin a program sponsored by the UAMS College of Medicine, all applicants must meet the requirements for eligibility and selection as specified by policy 1.200 Recruitment and Appointment of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, the program’s criteria, and the criteria found in the Program’s ACGME Requirements.

The applicant must

  • Supply proof that he/she meets all criteria to their program director;
  • Complete a pre-employment negative drug screen as specified by the UAMS Medical Center Drug Testing policy;
  • Complete a successful criminal background check; and
  • Complete all steps in the electronic onboarding checklist within the designated time frame.

Supplying misinformation on any of the documents is grounds for disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal from the program.

2020-2021 Contract Sample

Benefits, Terms, and Conditions (Resident Handbook)

Housestaff Benefits


All incoming residents/fellows are expected to attend Orientation/Registration scheduled the third week in June. The three-day orientation includes many important sessions about policies, communication and teaching skills, cost containment, quality assurance,  infection control, physician impairment, risk management, medical documentation, electronic medical records, and benefits. All residents/fellows must complete the registration process on day 3 in order to begin their education in hospital rotations on July 1.


Stipends for residents are competitive with other state schools in the southern region.

PGY 1: $53,615

PGY 2: $54,365

PGY 3: $56,158

PGY 4: $57,799

PGY 5: $60,216

PGY 6: $62,840

PGY 7: $64,330


Pre-Employment Drug Test

UAMS has a drug testing policy which includes pre employment, random and for cause testing. All residents accepted into residency/fellowship programs at UAMS College of Medicine (UAMS COM) must submit to a drug screen. Appointment or acceptance into the training program will be finalized only upon completion of a negative drug screen. The procedure for submitting the sample for testing is provided after Match Day.

Background Check

Appointment or acceptance into the training program will be finalized only upon completion of a criminal background check.

All candidates for residency positions will be notified upon invitation for interview (or during telephone interview if an in-person interview will not be held) that all appointments to residency positions are contingent upon successful completion of a criminal background check. This notification will include a representative sample of unfavorable information that might prevent appointment as a UAMS Resident.

All applicants for UAMS residency positions are required to authorize the performance of a criminal background check (CBC) at the time the position is offered, or in the event of matched applicants, at the time that the match result is received.

The resident will be asked to disclose any of the below listed situations prior to the obtaining of the CBC. If the CBC returns negative information, the resident will have an opportunity to challenge erroneous information, or explain accurate negative information, prior to a final decision. Failure to disclose relevant and accurate information that is later discovered on a CBC adds an additional measure of concern about the applicant’s (or resident’s) qualification for appointment as a resident physician.

The following CBC findings may be inconsistent with appointment as a resident physician in UAMS College of Medicine programs. If any of these findings are identified on the CBC, the offer of a position may be withdrawn, or employment terminated. Please note the following list is representative, but not inclusive, of reasons an applicant may be denied housestaff status.

  • Felony convictions that may be reasonably related to the practice of medicine.
  • Felony convictions related to the illegal possession, use or distribution of drugs or controlled substances.
  • Felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions involving violence against another person.
  • A pattern of repeated felony or misdemeanor convictions that calls to question the individual’s ability or willingness to comply with the law, particularly as related to one’s future ability to practice medicine.
  • Registered sex offender status (or legal requirement to register but not registered)
  • Arrests where the final legal status has not yet been determined.
  • Dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Exclusion from participation in Medicare or similar programs.

Applicants to whom any of the findings above may apply are encouraged to discuss the situation with the program director prior to acceptance of a position or rank order listing.