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Welcome to the UAMS College of Medicine Graduate Medical Education (GME) website! The GME office is committed to improving the health and health care of Arkansans. We strive to accomplish this by providing high-quality, leading examples in medical education, developing faculty to effectively lead and manage GME programs, and overseeing the working alliance between GME programs and the Accreditation Council for GME (ACGME).

The GME offers 62 physician residency and fellowship programs accredited by the ACGME. More than 660 residents and fellows are currently training in specialty and subspecialty areas.

Our core values are to provide service in active partnership with GME program directors and program coordinators by promoting a climate of mutual respect, accuracy, consistency, and responsiveness. We want to encourage a culture of excellence in program development so that accreditation essentials are consistently met and opportunities are frequently offered for programs to exceed beyond them. We also promote patient safety and resident well-being in a supportive educational environment.

The GME office works hard to support our programs and trainees. We hope you may find the right fit with us.


Dr. Jim Clardy
Associate Dean, GME
Designated Institutional Official

If you have any questions about GME at UAMS, please feel free to contact AskGME@uams.edu.