YouTube Rip It Snippet Series
Handwashing (1:44)
How To Be A Rock Star Resident: Managing Resident Fatigue (9:53) This video contains practical tips on why fatigue is a concern and how to manage fatigue effectively- by UAMS physician Dr. Caris Fitzgerald (Sleep Medicine). (Remember the ACGME Requirements specify that both residents and faculty must be educated on fatigue)
Breaking Bad News (28:01) This video contains practical tips on how to handle difficult conversations with patients and families, and a vignette demonstrating a physician giving a patient bad news – by UAMS physician Dr. Sarah Beth Harrington (Palliative Care)
Why and How to Ask Effectively for an Autopsy (42:39)
Developed by Jan Shorey, Daniel Dye, and Carmen Steigman

  • Why perform an autopsy? (6 minutes)
  • What happens during an Autopsy? and the paperwork (16 minutes)
  • How best to ask for permission for an autopsy? (8 minutes)
  • Demonstration videos (11 minutes)