The UAMS College of Medicine Program Coordinators Organization (PCO) was formed in October, 2002.  The mission is to provide resources, to aid new coordinators in learning their responsibilities, provide a network of peers with which to consult, and to provide tools for development of professional skills as coordinators.

2017-18 PCO Officers

Jacqueline Williams, President

Lacie Covington, President Elect

Melanie Bainter, Secretary

Holly Johnson, Secretary

Diana Hershberger, Secretary

Mary Beth Gresham, UAMS Attendant

Donald Sandlin , back-up UAMS Attendant

Malinda Scott, ACH Attendant

Planning/Professional Development Committee

Jacqueline Williams

Lacie Covington

Emily Stotts

Shannon Heard

Darlene Clinton

Melanie Bainter

Donald Sandlin

PCO Meeting Dates:

September 5th – UAMS Only
October 3rd – 3rd floor Lowe classroom
November 7th – 3rd floor Lowe classroom
December 5th – Nabholz; ACH Only
JanuaryNo Meeting
February 6th – 3rd Floor Lowe Classroom
March 6th3rd Floor Classroom COMMITTEE FOR THE FUTURE
April 3rd – Nabholz; ACH Only
May 1st – 3rd Floor Lowe Classroom
June 5th – UAMS Only